The Joys of Maternity Leave

Contrary to what some may believe, maternity leave is not a vacation. I can’t sleep in or do absolutely nothing all day. My income has been significantly reduced. I can’t travel the world or shop and eat to my heart’s content. Nor can I get to my many planned projects.

Maternity leave is not exactly relaxing. I’m tired most of the time; but, I am loving every minute of it.

It didn’t start off that way. I was stressed out and overwhelmed for many reasons: sleep deprivation, breastfeeding, general new-mother worries, etc. I felt pressure to keep up with housework and stay healthy.

After learning to adjust, I can now say that I’m loving this time. I’ve got the hang of things and even manage to get some “me time” once in awhile. And my baby is developing his own little personality so it’s fun and fascinating (even during the cranky teething hours).

In addition to doing the routine household chores, pumping and feeding, my days are usually filled with meetups with other moms and babies in the area. We, moms, have developed friendships and it’s exciting to think our babies will eventually become classmates, friends and peers.

I’m enjoying getting to know my neighbourhood and meeting other parents, but most of all, I’m enjoying watching my baby grow and discover the world.

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