33 Week Update

Four more weeks until full term!

I’ve been counting down the weeks because I’ve been a bit nervous about baby lately. At my 29-week appointment, my fundal height was measuring unusually small at about 24 cm, which prompted my OB to send me for an ultrasound for further investigation. He did say that these measurements weren’t always accurate, hence the ultrasound. Regardless, of course I did some Googling — what if the baby wasn’t growing? What if she had some sort of disorder? What if I deliver prematurely due to complications? The answers weren’t always positive. All these worries for nothing though, because my ultrasound actually not only confirmed the baby wasn’t small but she’s in the 68th percentile. The baby’s head is down and everything is where it should be. So, we’re still on track!

  • Total weight gain: 28lbs… and feeling very heavy. I’m still doing prenatal bootcamp but I’m getting slower each week. It’s becoming more difficult to keep active, but I’m trying! I even joined a few Fitbit challenges to help motivate me.
  • Sleep: Still good. I’m mostly sleeping straight through the night and getting about 6-7 hrs
  • Highlights: I sorted through and washed all the hand-me-down clothes I received for the baby. Going through all the cute girl clothes has been very exciting.
  • Food cravings: Oatmeal (steel cut oats)
  • Symptoms: Some sharp and strong kicks from the baby that stop me in my tracks
  • Mood: I haven’t been in my usual grouchy mood. I think I’ve actually been pleasant this week :)

To compare, here’s my post at 34 weeks for my first pregnancy.

My Favourite Free Pregnancy Workouts

I’ve purchased a few exercise programs and joined some group classes, but some of my favourite prenatal workouts are videos you can find free online.

Here’s my list:

  • Tracy Anderson Arm Workout – 5 minutes
    This one isn’t specifically for prenatal, but it’s all upper body strength and no weights are involved, so I deem it pretty safe. It’s only 5 minutes and isn’t professionally filmed but I like it because I LOVE the song and my arms kill afterwards.
  • FitSugar’s Leg and Butt Workout – 10 minutes
    I like this one because Sophia Ruiz isn’t one of those chirpy, annoying fitness video trainers.
  • FitSugar’s Arm Workout – 10 minutes
    I have an exercise ball and some dumbbells, plus this is another Sophia Ruiz video, so it works perfectly for me.
  • FitSugar’s Heidi Klum Prenatal Workout – 11 minutes
    This is a good total body workout. It has a bit of cardio, a bit of strength training and a bit of core work — all in 11 minutes.
  • Lizbeth Garcia Prenatal Pilates for Flexibility – 10 minutes
    This YouTube video is actually about 50 minutes because it includes all five 10-minute parts of the Prenatal Pilates series. Pilates for Flexibility starts at 44:13.

Add a bit of outdoor walking and you’re all set up for a good prenatal exercise program, without paying a dime!

DIY Planner

I’m mostly a digital person when it comes to organizing my life; I rely on Google Calendar to keep track of my schedule, Out of Milk to manage my grocery list and Pinterest to collect all my recipes.

However, when it comes down to exercise and meal planning, I haven’t found the right apps for me. So, I’m trying out the traditional method of writing things down, and for this to work, I needed a custom planner specifically for my needs. This is what I did:

  • Used a 3-ring binder so I’d be able to remove/add pages as needed. I chose a bright-coloured Russell + Hazel mini binder
  • Designed 8.325″ x 6.325″ pages with InDesign (using 5/8″ inside margins)
  • Printed them out in colour and double-sided
  • Three-hole punched the pages using the Swingline Precision Pro hole puncher, which has configurable 2- or 3-hole setup
  • Trimmed letter-sized dividers down to 8.325″ x 6.325″

Here’s the pretty result:


Donating Hair

It’s a new year, so you’re maybe thinking of a new hairstyle.

If you like drastic changes, consider donating the hair you’re chopping off to help make wigs for women and children who have lost their hair as a result of cancer treatment.

Note that your hair must be chemically untreated (no dyes or perms). It took me awhile to do this because I’ve always had a little bit of something in my hair since I was 16.

If you have at least 8″ of hair to donate, you can send it to the Pantene Beautiful Lengths, which is a partnership program with the Canadian Cancer Society. If you have at least 12″ to donate, you can donate to the Angel Hair for Kids.

In the summer, I was able to cut off 12 inches! Here’s the before and after photo (of what my stepdaughter calls “the mom cut” :))