Non-Alcoholic Beer

Say what?!

Non-alcoholic beer may not sound very appealing, but if you’re breastfeeding or pregnant and you just crave the taste, you have options!

I was given bottles of Clausthaler Premium Non-Alcoholic Lager (0.45% alcohol) and Holsten Non-Alcoholic Pilsner (0.0% alcohol) to try out. I found Clausterhaler to be more flavourful than Holsten, with a slight bitterness. However, of the two, I liked Holsten more. My go-to beer is Heineken and I found Holsten to be comparable. It was light and crisp – surprisingly enjoyable.

You can find these and other non-alcoholic beers and spirits at

Now go enjoy a cold beer. It’s summer.

non-alcoholic beer

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