My First Embarrassing Pregnancy Moment

I guess I was lucky enough to have held off my first embarrassing moment until my eighth month.

I was out shopping today — lots of energy and feeling good. I was browsing around in a store when I quickly crouched down to see the bottom row of items along the wall. (I must have forgotten that I need to move slowly at this stage because it’s harder to control my body.) For that quick second, I felt my balance teetering, but it was too late to stabilize. I fell first on my ass and then continued to fall completely until I was on my back. At that moment, the salesperson came back to answer a question I had asked her earlier. There I was lying like a beached whale. I rolled on my side and quickly got up as soon as I could. The salesperson looked a bit concerned and asked if I was okay, but I could tell she felt awkward for me. I was in a La Vie En Rose, a lingerie store of all places — not somewhere you’d often encounter these situations. “I’m fine. I just lost my balance,” I replied and quickly carried on with our previous conversation like nothing happened.

So humiliating. Funny, but humiliating. Anyone else up for sharing their embarrassing moments?

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