Maternity Skirt Pattern Review

I tried out Megan Nielsen’s ruched maternity skirt pattern to wear at my company Christmas party. The pattern is extremely easy and fits very well. It took about 1.5 hours total. That’s it!


I love it, however, I made the mistake of not following the pattern’s fabric suggestion. It says to use a knit fabric that stretches at least 40%. In other words, if you take 10 cm of the fabric, it should stretch to at least 14 cm. I was too lazy to head to the Queen St. fabric stores and just picked something up at my local Fabricland. My fabric stretch was about 25%, which means this skirt will not grow with me!

At least I got to use it once and spent only $10 on the fabric. Here it is:

I have another Megan Nielsen pattern that I’ll try out and review. I highly recommend all you pregnant ladies, check out her selection. The only place I found that sells these patterns in Toronto is The Workroom. I purchased mine from an online store.


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