It’s Cold Out There

With the windchill, it’s -37 degrees Celsius.


And I heard it again today, ‘Being from Edmonton, you must be used to this.’ No one can get used to this cold. True, it’s not rare for Edmonton to get this cold during the winter but the biggest difference is most people drive in Edmonton. Toronto has a large population who takes public transit or walks regularly in the downtown core. I, myself, take the GO train and walk 10 minutes to/from the station. In Edmonton, I drove everywhere. I was indoors, not enduring the frigid winter temperatures. So, to everyone who thinks Edmontonians are immune to this weather — I think it’s safe to say that on average, the Edmonton commuter is indoors longer than a Torontonian.

So, Torontonian, if you have to go out, use layers and bundle up! But on a day like today, try to keep yourself and those kiddies indoors!

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