I’m My Own Person, Really

I played with my old volleyball team yesterday–a group of young, employed, single and childless guys and gals. I felt slightly out of place and realized it’s because I’m usually around other mom friends on mat leave or family members, all of who love to talk about the baby and baby topics.

So, there I was, being asked how things are going by one of the young’uns. I wanted to have an interesting answer, so I quickly recapped my day in my head, then yesterday (which turns out to be pretty much the same), and realized I couldn’t offer anything that wasn’t baby-related! Instead of telling him about this cool baby app I found or Jarvis’s crawling adventures, I quickly turned the question around on him. Phew.
Here’s my plan to make sure I don’t come across as being that mom who only talks about her baby:

  • Stay up-to-date with news and entertainment gossip (Note to self: review who I follow on Twitter)
  • Only have lengthy conversations about babies with other moms or with (some) family members
  • Do at least one thing every day that isn’t baby-related
  • Use this blog as a mommy outlet
  • Ask others questions

I managed to get through pregnancy the same way–only talking about my pregnancy if asked and keeping my answers fairly short.

I love being a mom and all things Jarvis, but I am also┬ámy own person; I’m trying not to forget that.

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