Farewell, Pump

After almost 8 months of pumping, I’m hanging up my [pump] tubing.

Because of my breastfeeding challenges, I decided to become an exclusive pumper. My baby would nurse for 5 minutes here and there, but I’ve been bottle-feeding him for the most part. While trying to keep sane, I pumped as much as I could (starting off with 8 pump sessions/day and a measley 9ml/session…yes, 9!!) and tried different “remedies” but I was never able to meet his demand.

He is now fully established on solids and growing quite well. However, the EBM to formula ratio was diminishing so after a long internal struggle, I decided to wean myself off the pump. After 1075 pumping sessions and almost 400 hours, I pumped my final 40 ml last week. It was bittersweet.

Goodbye, pump! Here’s to the end of our love-hate relationship.

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