Do We Really Need That Expectant Mothers Spot?

On days like today (slushy, snowy, icy, etc.), YES!


I’ll start off with saying that I most likely have not hit my worst condition yet. I’m five months pregnant and definitely don’t feel like I’m physically challenged. I can still walk quite comfortably, so I don’t need that spot that’s a few meters closer. (I have to admit though that there are times I want to show off my belly just to get a seat on the train, but I am perfectly fine carrying the little extra weight and standing on my feet.)

I have no idea how I’ll be feeling in my eighth or ninth month, but I can’t imagine being too uncomfortable to walk through a parking lot yet fine enough to walk around the mall. The only reason I see is that you’d want to avoid any slips or falls as much as possible; during bad weather or if the lot is in a bad condition, that first spot definitely makes sense for pregnant women.

It’s extremely nice to be offered these perks but until I feel like I do really need it, I would feel guilty taking that seat or that parking spot. However, if that perfectly healthy young person is going to steal it… scratch that – I am a perfectly healthy young person. If you’re a perfectly healthy young person, leave the spot open for those who need it the most.

One thought on “Do We Really Need That Expectant Mothers Spot?

  1. Having been pregnant and now having a 6 month old, I MUST say I agree with you. While I was pregnant I didn’t NEED that special parking but now having to lug around a car seat with a baby in it I wish those expecting mom spots were actually for mommies and kiddies!

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