Eating Dates and Easing Labour

I recently read an article about the benefits of dates (the fruit kind) and pregnancy. A study published in the Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology showed that women who ate dates daily during their pregnancy were less likely than non-date eaters to need medication to start labour or to help it keep progressing. Labour was also significantly shorter for those date eaters.

I remember trying a date and not liking it at all, but I was at St. Lawrence Market and came across these:


They are Natural Delights coconut-covered medjool dates. I gave them a try and they are delicious! I have to admit, they are really sweet, but with my sugar cravings, they fit perfectly in my diet.

Even for non-pregnant women, dates have many health benefits:

  • Rich in vitamin B6, niacin, pantothenic acid and dietary fiber
  • High in potassium, which helps control heart rate and blood pressure
  • Contain polyphenols (anti-infective, anti-inflammatory, and anti-hemorrhagic antioxidants)

I also found this brand at No Frills (for much cheaper – $3.50/8 oz box), so I bought the almond-covered ones, and they were just as delicious.

It would be awesome if these dates do help in the delivery room, but if they don’t, at least I’m enjoying my new treat. To share my new discovery, I’ve been going around the office offering people a date, and along with me getting some pretty witty responses, they’ve been a hit!

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