DIY Planner

I’m mostly a digital person when it comes to organizing my life; I rely on Google Calendar to keep track of my schedule, Out of Milk to manage my grocery list and Pinterest to collect all my recipes.

However, when it comes down to exercise and meal planning, I haven’t found the right apps for me. So, I’m trying out the traditional method of writing things down, and for this to work, I needed a custom planner specifically for my needs. This is what I did:

  • Used a 3-ring binder so I’d be able to remove/add pages as needed. I chose a bright-coloured Russell + Hazel mini binder
  • Designed 8.325″ x 6.325″ pages with InDesign (using 5/8″ inside margins)
  • Printed them out in colour and double-sided
  • Three-hole punched the pages using the Swingline Precision Pro hole puncher, which has configurable 2- or 3-hole setup
  • Trimmed letter-sized dividers down to 8.325″ x 6.325″

Here’s the pretty result:


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