Turning Your Secret Santa Game into a Toy Drive Donation

We’re getting into the Christmas spirit at work. Our Secret Santa gift exchange is today, where we get a $10-$15 gift for the person as he or she was a child. After opening gifts, all the toys are donated to the CP24 CHUM Christmas Wish — such a fun and caring idea. The adults get to have fun picking out a gift for someone and opening a gift. Then the less fortunate children get to benefit with all the donated toys. It’s a win-win situation.


This holiday season, please remember the kids that won’t have anything to open on Christmas day without donations. If you’re out shopping, drop off an unwrapped gift (big/small, inexpensive/costly…anything) at a toy drive. Or better yet, after your kids open all their gifts, instead of them keeping yet another piece of plastic, donate it for the following year. Just imagine the smile you’ll put on a child’s face.