BellyCoat Maternity Jacket Extender Review

It’s getting cold out! Is your belly ready?

I was really excited to try out the BellyCoat jacket extender.

During my first pregnancy, I researched my options but ended up making my own panel; they were pretty much all the same and it just didn’t seem like a practical purchase to me.

If I had known about BellyCoat, it would have made more sense to invest in it than in other brands. Here’s why: It uses clips, rather than a zipper!!

  • You don’t have to worry about finding a compatible zipper/zipper adapter.
  • You can adjust where to place it on your coat. The zippered versions are basically fixed because, well, it’s a zipper and the zipper lengths need to match up.
  • You can use it on all your coats without having to worry about zipper compatibility.
  • You can flip it around and use it for baby-wearing (not just for maternity wear).

Here’s a photo of my jacket with and without the panel.

The BellyCoat also comes with an extension, which extends the waist by an additional 6″, for a total of 15″.

Here’s my jacket with the extender + extension.

A panel is a panel, and they all basically do the job, which is to keep your bump warm. But if you’re looking for versatility, you should really check this one out: They’ll be at the BabyTime Show Nov 6-8, 2015.

Another plus: The company is local. I’m all for Toronto-born ventures! :)

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