Being an Audience Member

I’ve been lucky to be able to leave the baby at home to attend tapings of The Social, The Marilyn Denis Show and Cityline. Getting tickets to these daytime shows is as simple as filling out an online form.

The Social



They asked us to get there at 12:00 for the 1:00 live show. So, we get there at noon and line up outside CTV Studios on Queen St. and are let in to wait in the audience standing room, where there was coat check, music playing, and mirrors for some final touchups. The audience coordinator greets the audience and we “practice” how we should cheer and laugh. It was like a cheerleading session. We’re called by name and let into the studio at 12:50, and there’s more cheering practice and final instructions. They encouraged us to tweet, take photos and post during the show.

Being at the show was obviously different than watching it on TV; it was hard to hear the hosts and sometimes difficult to see around the cameras. I felt like I couldn’t really immerse myself with the content. During commercial breaks, the audience coordinator had little contests like “whoever shows me the strangest thing in her purse, wins a prize.” After the show, a few of the hosts stuck around and took photos with everyone. After the photo op and picking up our gift, we were out of the building by 2:15.

  • Topics: They talked about the Brangelina wedding, workouts and handbags. It was light and enjoyable.
  • Audience: Twenty- and thirty-something women (~30 people)
  • Duration: 2 hr 15 min
  • Gifts: Handbag from French Connection
  • Prizes: Books

The Marilyn Denis Show


We arrived at the studio at 9:00 for the 10:00 live show. The Marilyn Denis Show is filmed at the same studio as The Social and it was the same audience co-ordinator, so the pre-show experience was exactly the same.

During commercial breaks, we played the same contest as we did at The Social filming. (I should have expected this and carried something strange in my purse, but I had nothing.) After the show, we took photos with Marilyn, picked up our gifts and were out of the building by 11:15.

  • Topics: Decorating small living spaces. I wasn’t particularly interested in the topic, but there were a few decorating tips I picked up.
  • Audience: Women of all ages (~30 people)
  • Duration: 2 hr 15 min
  • Gifts: Measuring tapes
  • Prizes: Leaf blower and a set of pots




They asked us to arrive at 9:30. It isn’t a live show, but I assume filming normally starts around 10:00. (They film one week in advance.) We’re let into the audience room where there are tables and chairs. The audience coordinator introduces herself and plays a video of the host, Tracy Moore, explaining the process. They were running behind that day because part of the set didn’t arrive yet so instead of waiting around, Tracy joined us in the audience room and took photos with everyone. Once the set was ready, we were brought into the studio and were seated row by row.

Even though the show wasn’t live, there were still commercial breaks. During these breaks, they would blast music and the audience coordinator would get everyone in the mood to dance. It was like a dance party. The speakers in the studio were loud and clear, so we were able to hear the show perfectly. This definitely helped me get into the show, compared to The Social and The Marilyn Denis Show where it was sometimes a struggle to know what the hosts were saying.

After the show, we picked up our gifts and we were out by 11:50.

  • Topics: Cooking, festive entertaining, home decor. I don’t do a lot of cooking, festive entertaining or decorating, but I still really enjoyed the show and I think it’s because of the host. She kept things light and fun.
  • Audience: Forty- to fifty-something women, and two men (~50 people)
  • Duration: 2 hr 20 min
  • Gifts: $50 The Shopping Channel gift card, $25 Kitchen Stuff Plus gift card, 2 boxes of Ferrero Rocher, Kitchen Aid vegetable crisper, pass to Whole Life Expo
  • Prizes: Rowenta iron with ironing board, [huge!] Ferrero Rocher gift basket, health food basket

Overall, I enjoy watching The Social on TV, but I had the best experience at Cityline. It was fun and natural; I didn’t feel like I had to be “on” and overly cheerful, as I felt at the other shows.

17 thoughts on “Being an Audience Member

  1. I been to Marilyn Denis show as well as the City Line, I would love to go back to merilyn denis show or the Social, I love the 3 of them. I been following Marilyn since for ever, a wonderful woman.

  2. I been to Marilyn Denis show as well as the City Line, I would love to go back to merilyn denis show or the Social, I love the 3 of them. I been following Marilyn since for ever, she’s a wonderful woman.

    • I would love to get on the Marilyn Denis show or Cityline… Anytime at all…I just love these women, I watch the shows all the time..

  3. Hi there! Stumbled across your blog… I work at CBC and I’d love to personally invite you to our new daytime show The Goods. We tape Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 9:45 a.m. and 1:45 p.m. Tickets are free. For more info, visit Hope to see you there!

    • Michael remember Lana and Nicol we have been going to your show many times due to my Parkinson’s I fell and hurt my knee I have missed three shows due to my injury, now I am better please forgive us for not showing up and I would really appreciate if you give us another chance to be on the goods show again and we will not miss it. Thank you for your consideration hope to see you and Brittney again love lana

  4. I love going to the shows. Its so fun, love seeing how they go about making it all happen. I’ve been to lots of these shows and absolutely love it. I miss Steven & Chris. they were amazing and I look forward to going to that new show which I’ve heard about The Goods, can’t wait.

    • O pessoal das &qeso;corptraçõuo" em especial na área da defesa, segurança e justiça têm que "limpar" os seus quadros.A bem deles como se pode ver…

  5. Would love for me and my sister in law to spend a few days in Toronto and catch a Marilyn Denis Show. A few dates we could come are Nov 4,5,6,7. Please let me know as I have to book our flights. Feeling excited.

  6. Hello would love to have the experience to be on Marilyn show or city line I be watching for years just never had the experience and would love to I love both shows thank you cheryl from niagara falls

  7. I went to the tv show show The Goods, It was a not the best experience. First they told us to be there for 315 made to wait with no where to sit for over an hour. The show was ok to watch nothing to do with the hosts they were lovely. The show’s management of their audience is very poor in my opinion. They had contests between the breaks and gave people prizes like a spatula or protein bar or used face moisturizer from hosts dressing rooms. Pretty sad. Then at the end after we were told be very animated and clap almost constantly they told us to wait outside for all our giveaways as a thank you for our time. We got $30 off a purchase of flowers and nothing else. Everyone was very disappointed as they kept telling us through the taping about all the give aways we d be getting. Wouldn’t have been so bad if they hadn’t of made everyone think they were getting gift bags. People complained about the flower cards and were rudley told that was the gift and to leave. Actually they had maybe 20 gift bags and had over 140 people. The fact that we were made to stand for over an hour before going into the studio and the cheap prizes ( used face cream) ! Left me and my friends never wanting to go back. I be been to The Social and Marilyn Denis could not have had a better experience on those shows. The audience was treated wonderfully.

    • I am a regular at The Goods and I am very surprised by your comment. I know that the items they claim to have taken from the host’s dressing room are not used, it’s just as a joke for fun! The cbc would not permit them to give it out if it had been used for hygienic reasons. I often have received prizes from that “host’s mystery bag” and they have seals still on them. It’s just something they state for a laugh – and usually the audience all laughs. Some of the items a host would never even have in their dressing room? I believe these are just fun small giveaways and gag gifts.

      I do agree with you that the clapping can feel like a bit much at times, but that is part of being a studio audience. Some days I love all the cheering and some days I am a bit exhausted by it (being a mom of three) but it is a fantastic time whenever I can go. Most of the time I go I let them know in advance (they know me by now) that i need a chair as I get swollen ankles and they always have one ready for me and a few for my friends. Michael and Brittany say to let them know in their email if you need the seating, did you not read this?

      In terms of giveaways I went to the social and all I got was a cup, but when I’ve been to the goods I have received cook books that i have seen retailed for over $40, gift cards and other top rate kitchen items. I even got a pizza maker once. Yes some giveaways are better than others but at least its more than a measly cup. Please don’t tarnish Michael and Brittany’s hard work for having over the top expectations. This is not US television and they don’t have the same funding (they even say that when you go to the social that canadian television can’t give the same gifts as the US). The two do an amazing job every time I go. The Goods is a great experience if you can get a ticket – and steven is so so lovely.

      • I agree with you Sarah. I have really enjoyed my time at The Goods. Michael and Brittany were loads of fun and very accommodating. I can’t wait to return!
        It’s not all about the giveaway. That’s a nice bonus.

    • I attended The Goods twice this season already. both times i didn’t have to wait outside any time at all. I have received a fifty dollar starbucks gift card and one 130 voucher for an online food service. Better than the crappy cup I got at the social. fun time. Don’t know michael but both of my tapings i have had john and britney. good show. one to watch.

    • I love The Goods audience shows and have gone several times…and everyone in the audience got a 100 gift card for a girl’ spa ( makes great birthday or Xmas gifts) for manicure or a pedicure. I also got an another time Eliazabeth Arden serum ( not cheap and it wasn’t opened) lol,lol. Last week we all in the audience got a high end pillow from Casper…( 85 dollars) plus tons of really good gifts giving out during commercials like gift cards for Starbucks~ 50 ….Brittany and John work really hard on this show… And don’t deserve anything less but a positive experience. ( Michael is now employed with Marilyn Denis) he brought all his good experience over to CTV…

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