Being a Working Mom

Did you cry on your first day back? Do you hate being back? Don’t you wish you were at home still?

After 12 months of maternity leave, I’m back at work full-time, and those were some of the questions I got when I started.

My answers: No, no and no. This seemed to catch some people by surprise.

I’m sorry, but the truth is I didn’t cry, I’m happy to be working and I like having responsibilities outside of the home. Does this make me a horrible mom? I sure hope not! I miss the little guy terribly during the day, but every moment I get to spend with him now feels extra special.

Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your time as a working mom:

  1. Tidy up as soon as baby goes to bed. If you spend just 30 minutes every evening tidying up, you can avoid hours of cleaning on the weekends. Plus, it’s nice to walk into a tidy kitchen every morning.
  2. Twice a week, make batches of meals that will last 3-4 days. Instead of rushing to get dinner made every night, spend a few hours twice a week (e.g., Sundays and Wednesdays) to meal prep. Imagine coming home and knowing exactly what’s for dinner?! It’s a great feeling.
  3. Stuff the diapers in peace. The babe is using cloth diapers and fortunately, his daycare supports this. However, this means we have to send a bag of clean diapers with him every day. I wash the diapers every other evening and I stuff them the following morning. For me, the best way to do this is in front of my favourite morning television program. Before I start my work day, I get to spend 15 minutes catching up on news and gossip while stuffing inserts into the diapers.
  4. Keep the same bedtime routine. Bottle, bath, bedtime story and bed. My husband and I share the bedtime duties and the babe loves it. He knows what to expect and actually looks forward to it. He enjoys the routine and we get to enjoy him being happy.
  5. Go home and play. Before I had my son, I loved coming home from work and just relaxing in front of the TV. Now, I come home and play with the boy. Playing with a toddler is in no way relaxing but it’s definitely fulfilling; there’ll be relaxation time later. In the meantime, teach the baby something or make him laugh; oddly enough, it’s so much better than putting up your feet.

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