35 Week Update



  • Total weight gain: 31.5lbs (gained 1.5lbs this week)
  • Maternity clothes: Maternity top from Old Navy, regular leggings from Papaya
  • Sleep: Good. What’s more difficult now is when I toss and turn. I find myself unintentionally grunting or sighing as I get up because it feels like a challenge to lift myself up. It’s quite funny actually.
  • Highlight: Winning one extra bootcamp session. I bought a 10-class pack and as of Saturday morning, I had 3 classes to go. We had a “squat” challenge that day, and my partner and I ended up winning that extra class. I secretly didn’t want to win it but I couldn’t slack off and let her down. I have a love and hate relationship with bootcamp, so I’m dreading yet excited that I’ll be in bootcamp well into my 37th week.
  • Movement: Still strong movements. He likes to move around a lot during breakfast, right after lunch or watching TV in the evening. No painful or uncomfortable experiences yet.
  • Food cravings: Muffins. I found a delicious blueberry oat muffin at Loblaws.
  • Symptoms: Occasional lower backaches, lots of pelvic pressure and cramping/Braxton Hicks. (I didn’t think they were Braxton Hicks but the doctor says they likely are.)
  • Mood: Tired and lazy. All I want to do is sit/lay around and do nothing. At least the grouchiness has passed.

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