28 Week Update

I made it fairly smoothly to the third trimester! It was just last week when my lower back started to ache, but that’s manageable so far.

Today’s appointment went well:

  • Glucose test came back normal
  • Fundal height (baby’s size): larger than average
  • Baby’s heartbeat: Good
  • Weight gain since last appointment: 13 lbs?!? (The first thing the doctor said when he looked at my chart was ‘what were you doing gaining all this weight?’ I laughed, thinking the same thing! He said it wasn’t typical and thinks it was a mistake — either today’s weight or last appointment’s weight. I thought the same, as I did not feel nor did I look 13 pounds heavier than I was 4 weeks ago. I went home to weigh myself, and according to my scale, it was a 7-pound increase. Phew. So,  it’s either a 22-lb or  28-lb total increase to date.)


All has been good! I’m hoping for a relatively comfortable last trimester!