Baby Girl Has Arrived

Baby Morgan joined us on March 15th at 6:34AM, weighing 7 lbs 11oz. I was 38w3d.

My contractions were occurring consistently every 20-30 min the evening of March 14th. By 3AM, they were about 3-4min apart, which is when we headed to the hospital. I was admitted at 4AM (6 cm dilated) and 2.5 hours later, baby girl was here! It happened very quickly but I was exhausted — mostly due to the lack of sleep. However, the moment I held her, nothing else mattered. The pain and exhaustion was so worth it. She’s absolutely precious.

Easy Crochet Projects for Baby

I picked up my first crochet hook about a month and a half ago. The first project  I completed was a braided cowl scarf. I wouldn’t recommend it as a starter project, as it totally turned me off from crocheting.

Fortunately, I gave it another shot because my colleague gave me a pattern for a baby carseat blanket. That was much easier. Next, I made a hat and diaper cover–both very easy patterns that I found online for free: My Handsome Prince Newborn Baby Hat and Simple Diaper Cover. I added ribbon to the diaper cover just to make it a bit more feminine.

I made all three baby items with just one ball of yarn (~400-500 yrds) and a 5mm hook.

38 Week Update

It’s almost time!

  • Total weight gain: 32lbs
  • Sleep: Good. Getting about 7 hrs a night and just getting up once.
  • Highlight: Surprise baby ‘sprinkle’ brunch
  • Movements: Very strong and painful
  • Food cravings: Anything sweet
  • Symptoms: Heartburn, difficulty walking (lots of pelvic pressure and hip discomfort). I couldn’t make it to my last bookcamp class at 37 weeks — it would’ve been quite the struggle to move around (much more difficult than it was in my first pregnancy)
  • Mood: Excited to meet my little girl. Anxious about not knowing when and where it’ll all start happening. Nervous about dealing with a newborn and a toddler.