Toddlerhood: And so it begins

It’s also known as “the terrible twos” but I like to think of it as “the inquisitive twos.” This is the time my little guy is curious about everything; he wants to try what I’m eating, climb furniture, open every drawer, eat crayons, pick things off the ground, and study new people.

Baby J is no longer a baby. He’s 15 months, going on 3 years. He’s very active and has his own personality. This new phase of his has emerged over the past month and is noticeable by his sense of curiousity and adventure. It’s tiring, but extremely fun and interesting.

It’s just the beginning of this phase but so far, I’ve noticed significant changes throughout our day:

  • Reading books – J would pick up certain words while I’m reading to him and react to them. It was pretty cute when I said the word ‘dance’; he stood up and started dancing.
  • Mimicking – Whether it’s a big sigh, expressions like “yuk” or animal sounds, we have a little parrot at home copying what we say.
  • Conversations – Although one side of them isn’t in English, there’s a lot of back and forth exchanges and I’m really enjoying it.
  • Mealtime – Utensils were simply used as toys during mealtime until J figured out that it was another fun way he can feed himself. He’s great at getting the fork/spoon into his mouth, but keeping the food on the utensil is another story. I keep having to remind myself that the cleanup is all part of the learning experience. Sigh.
  • Bedtime – We have a pretty consistent routine but I had no idea that J really knew it until he ran to the bathroom and reached for his toothbrush from the counter.
  • Playtime – Whether it’s Peekaboo, the ‘put-it-back’ game or ‘where’s your <insert body part here>?’, playtime requires much more interaction and stimulation. It’s been fascinating to watch the little guy figure things out.

I was recently told that a child this age has more energy and stamina than a top athlete. Whether that’s true or not, I’m in for quite the ride if I want to keep up. Coffee, please.

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Non-Alcoholic Beer

Say what?!

Non-alcoholic beer may not sound very appealing, but if you’re breastfeeding or pregnant and you just crave the taste, you have options!

I was given bottles of Clausthaler Premium Non-Alcoholic Lager (0.45% alcohol) and Holsten Non-Alcoholic Pilsner (0.0% alcohol) to try out. I found Clausterhaler to be more flavourful than Holsten, with a slight bitterness. However, of the two, I liked Holsten more. My go-to beer is Heineken and I found Holsten to be comparable. It was light and crisp – surprisingly enjoyable.

You can find these and other non-alcoholic beers and spirits at

Now go enjoy a cold beer. It’s summer.

non-alcoholic beer