35 Week Update



  • Total weight gain: 31.5lbs (gained 1.5lbs this week)
  • Maternity clothes: Maternity top from Old Navy, regular leggings from Papaya
  • Sleep: Good. What’s more difficult now is when I toss and turn. I find myself unintentionally grunting or sighing as I get up because it feels like a challenge to lift myself up. It’s quite funny actually.
  • Highlight: Winning one extra bootcamp session. I bought a 10-class pack and as of Saturday morning, I had 3 classes to go. We had a “squat” challenge that day, and my partner and I ended up winning that extra class. I secretly didn’t want to win it but I couldn’t slack off and let her down. I have a love and hate relationship with bootcamp, so I’m dreading yet excited that I’ll be in bootcamp well into my 37th week.
  • Movement: Still strong movements. He likes to move around a lot during breakfast, right after lunch or watching TV in the evening. No painful or uncomfortable experiences yet.
  • Food cravings: Muffins. I found a delicious blueberry oat muffin at Loblaws.
  • Symptoms: Occasional lower backaches, lots of pelvic pressure and cramping/Braxton Hicks. (I didn’t think they were Braxton Hicks but the doctor says they likely are.)
  • Mood: Tired and lazy. All I want to do is sit/lay around and do nothing. At least the grouchiness has passed.

Stroller and Car Seat – Decisions, Decisions

There are so many choices out there for strollers, car seats and travel systems. Before I tackled these options in person, I did a lot of research online and made my list of wants.

Stroller must-haves:

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to fold
  • Able to go over various terrains
  • Able to adjust handle height
  • Easy breaking system
  • Cupholder for mommy/daddy
  • Seat can be front-facing or rear-facing
  • Seat can recline and lay flat

Infant car seat must-haves:

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install
  • Front-adjusting harness
  • Space saving enough to leave plenty of room in my Mazda hatchback

It was difficult to find a travel system that met all these requirements so I decided to find separate pieces.

My first stroller choice was actually the Summer Infant Fuze. It had all my wants and included accessories, as well as a universal car seat adapter. All that for $299.99US. Unfortunately, the stroller is not yet available in Canada. It is set to arrive at Babies R Us at the end of March 2014 and expected to retail at $469.99CDN for the travel system (and only in the red/black colour). So I contemplated getting it shipped from the US, but shipping would cost almost $200. At $500 (for the stroller alone), this choice was becoming less appealing.

I ended up going with a black Baby Jogger City Versa (because it also offered many nice-to-haves) and the Graco SnugRide Infant Car Seat.



The stroller doesn’t include any accessories or the car seat adapter, but I found some great deals. Here’s how:

  • Baby Jogger City Versa Stroller – This retails for $429.99CDN, but I found a new-in-box stroller on Kijiji for $300. Note: If you’re not buying from a store, make sure to check the manufacture date. The Versa strollers that were manufactured between May 15 and August 20, 2012 were recalled, and in order to get a replacement part in Canada, you need a receipt.
  • Baby Jogger Universal Car Seat Adapter – This retails for $79.99CDN, but I purchased it from Shop.ca and they usually have great promos. I found a discount code for $10 off, so I got it for $69.99.
  • Graco SnugRide Infant Car Seat – This retails for $179.99CDN, but I found it online for $139.99 and Babies R Us pricematched it, so I was also able to use the $5 coupon that came with my Baby Registry Gift Bag. So the total came to $134.99.

Overall, I saved $248, which came to a total of $531 including taxes for my combo.

I am so happy with my choices. Although I still need to buy the cupholder for my all-important coffee cup, the stroller is awesome. Among the many pluses, it’s easy to maneuver and the canopy is huge and provides SPF 50+ protection. My 9-year-old stepdaughter is also excited and has already been practicing with the easy-fold – and the handle can be adjusted perfectly for her height.

I’m so looking forward to my walks with baby!

If you’re still in search for your perfect stroller, good luck and have fun! There are so many to choose from and try out!

34 Week Update

  • Total weight gain: 30lbs! And I still have 6 weeks to go! I gained 2.5lbs over the past 2 weeks putting me at 140. Now I feel pregnant. Every step is a workout for me and I can’t climb a set of stairs without feeling out of breath.
  • Maternity clothes: In my last update, I mentioned that I’d probably need to buy more maternity clothes. That I did, and it feels good not having to pull down my shirt during the day or feeling like my belly is going to break through. The top in this photo is from Old Navy and my jeans are┬áLoved By Heidi Klum from Motherhood Maternity.
  • Sleep: The usual. I still get up at least twice a night to empty my bladder. Lately though, I think the third trimester fatigue is hitting me. I could fall asleep anytime, anywhere.
  • Highlight:┬áMy baby shower! My mother-in-law hosted it with the help of my sis and sis-in-law. We had some friends and family over to celebrate the arrival of “the little man”. This made it feel even more real and has got me more excited!
  • Movement: Baby Jarvis moves a lot! And he’s strong. It’s really weird when you can see my belly moving in waves or see it lopsided because he has jabbed his knee up against me.
  • Food cravings: My sugar craving has slowly been subsiding.
  • Symptoms: Fatigue, shortness of breath and feeling huge
  • Mood: Grouchy. I hate to admit this because I’ve been pretty good all along. Perhaps it’s my new physical discomfort getting to me, but poor hubby has witnessed some short tempers this week.