It’s Cold Out There

With the windchill, it’s -37 degrees Celsius.


And I heard it again today, ‘Being from Edmonton, you must be used to this.’ No one can get used to this cold. True, it’s not rare for Edmonton to get this cold during the winter but the biggest difference is most people drive in Edmonton. Toronto has a large population who takes public transit or walks regularly in the downtown core. I, myself, take the GO train and walk 10 minutes to/from the station. In Edmonton, I drove everywhere. I was indoors, not enduring the frigid winter temperatures. So, to everyone who thinks Edmontonians are immune to this weather — I think it’s safe to say that on average, the Edmonton commuter is indoors longer than a Torontonian.

So, Torontonian, if you have to go out, use layers and bundle up! But on a day like today, try to keep yourself and those kiddies indoors!

Drinking Water for Mama-to-Be

Because I live in a house that was built prior to the mid-1950s, I sent a water sample to the City for lead testing as a precaution during my pregnancy. It takes up to 6 weeks for results.

In the meantime, I found the only pitcher filter (ZeroWater‎) that is NSF approved to remove lead. It came with a TDS meter that tests for the concentration of total dissolved solids in PPM – harmful or not, such as include fluoride, calcium bicarbonate, road salts, lead, copper or other inorganic/organic materials.

I didn’t need to be convinced to shell out $35 for it, but as I was purchasing it, the sales associate told me that they use this technology in space to filter urine for drinking water. Now, I have no idea if it’s true, but if it is, that’s pretty cool!

Regardless, just looking at the TDS meter results is impressive. Take a look. I was like a kid excited by a science class demonstration.

Tap water =160 PPM


Brita filter = 78 PPM


ZeroWater filter = 0 PPM


The TDS in tap water is still within safe levels but I’d like to reduce lead intake as much as possible for my growing fetus. Another option of course is bottled water, but this is fun to watch and requires less packaging :) I’ve had the filter for about 2.5 weeks now and it’s still at 0 and tastes great! Hopefully, it lasts until I get my lead test results back.

Looking Back at 2013

For me, 2013 was an awesome year of change and new beginnings.

Here are some highlights:

My Swimming Lessons

Once again, I registered for swimming lessons, but this time, I finally learned how to swim! My fear still somewhat exists, but I’m getting there! :)

My Wedding

My wedding in June was perfect. It was at a unique venue in the Distillery District, during a warm summer day. We had a fun time with great friends and family.

My Pregnancy

No, we didn’t wait very long for this one :) I found out I was pregnant in August and it’s been fantastic so far. I can’t wait for his arrival in April!

My Family Dog

This highlight isn’t a happy one. We had to say goodbye to our 14-year-old cockapoo, Chico, who’s been in the family since he was 9 weeks old. He was the gentlest dog who loved carrots and never made a mess.

My New House

We moved into a charming almost-century-old home in Toronto. We’ve been here for a few months and are loving the neighbourhood. We’ll soon be adjusting our living space to accommodate for the little one in the spring.

My European Adventure

In October, hubby and I visited a few places in Europe (partly for work, but mostly for our late honeymoon): Amsterdam, Italy and Reykjavík. We got to see some of the most beautiful places in the world.


Here’s to another year of all types of life experiences. Happy 2014!