20 Week Update

I went in for my monthly OB appointment today and all is well. As usual, first thing I did was pee on a stick. I finally found out that this checks for sugar and protein. I don’t really know what the colours mean on the stick, but one stayed yellow and the other turned slightly green. All I know was that it was all good.

Next, was the weigh in. I’m up 4 lbs since the last checkup. That’s about 12 lbs in my pregnancy so far. Following that was the BP check and belly measurement – the Fundal Height. Laying down, the doc measured from the top of the uterus to the top of my pubic bone in centimeters. This should be roughly the same number as the gestational age. It’s a quick check on the growth of the fetus and can help point out things like breech births, gestational diabetes causing a larger baby, etc.

And finally, we listened to the baby’s heartbeat. The best sound in the world.

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